This is our school staff list:

Name Position/Responsibility
Mr A Simms Headteacher
Miss R Hickman Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion Manager (SENCO)
Mrs H Ellwood Reception Teacher
Mrs C Roberts Reception Teacher
Mrs K Jones Reception and Year 2 Teacher
Mrs T Bond Year 1 Teacher
Mrs E Flavell Year 1 and Year 1/2 Teacher
Mrs S Hudson Year 1/2 Teacher, KS1 Manager
Mrs N Walsh Year 2 Teacher
Mr H Thackway Year 3 Teacher
Miss A Powell Year 3/4 Teacher
Miss B Drissell Year 4 Teacher, Lower KS2 Manager
Miss H Butler Year 5 Teacher
Miss L Eyles Year 5/6 Teacher
Mrs J Mills Year 6 Teacher, Upper KS2 Manager
Mrs A Gravelsons Assistant Inclusion Manager, HLTA
Mrs P Moore Senior Welfare HLTA, Forest School Leader, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs E Crothall Teaching Assistant, Administrator
Mrs S Bolger Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Deguara Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V Green Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Hill Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Mansbridge Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Matthews Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Rhymer Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Ross Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs E Van Zyl Teaching Assistant
Ms G Vassie Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Weston Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Pound Business Manager
Mrs A Connolly Administrator
Mrs L Masters Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss D Cabral Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaning Staff
Mrs S Hicks Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Horton Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaning Staff
Mrs H Mumford Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Palmer Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Simpson Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss A Taylor Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Adie Cleaning Staff
Mrs S Golder Cleaning Staff

Mr Simms, Miss Hickman, Miss Drissell and Mrs Mills are the designated safeguarding officers.

During the year the school provides placements for student teachers and work experience assignments. All adults working with children are DBS checked.