Event - Science Fair

14 June 2021

Over the half term break our children were invited to participate in our Science Fair by doing their own science experiment at home and making a display of their findings.

The entries were displayed in the hall for everyone to see and Miss Eyles, our science co-ordinator choose the winners.

Miss Eyles said "I have been completely blown away by the entries for the science fair. I can see that all children have thought of really interesting questions to investigate, these experiments have been planned out well and it has been fantastic to see such a broad range of data being shown. The presentation of these projects is also brilliant and it has been lovely to see some models from children's experiments too. I personally want to thank every child who has taken part, as well as their parents and carers for helping them with these projects. We definitely have some budding scientists at our school, and I look forward to holding another science fair in the future. Well done all."

Display of projects.
Display of projects.

Display of projects.
KS1 winner.

Lower KS2 winner.
Upper KS2 winner.