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Sports Premium

Sports Grant Funding

Since March 2013 the government has been providing schools with additional funding for with a view to improving the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools.

The government’s aim is that this funding provides opportunities for children to 'do sport with a specialist' as well as develop elements of competition amongst schools. As a result, schools receive a base allocation with an additional £5.00 supplement per pupil (based on the census data) to be spent on improving sport and physical education provision for our children.


Our school's allocation for the academic year 2017/18 is £18,640 and is being used to:

  • Further develop the outdoor play environment with the provision of permanent outdoor gym equipment.
  • Continue to provide children with excellent sports provision by employing specialist sport coaches as well as using additional coaches to expand the variety of sports on offer to the children.
  • Introduce before school activity clubs and alternative after school sports.
  • Continue the provision of sport enrichment days.
  • Provide supply cover for staff allowing them to take children to competitions and attend training.
  • Provide training and equipment to midday supervisors to lead active lunchtime activities to ensure that children enjoy a wide range of activities.
  • Purchase equipment for athletics.

We continue to budget the Sports Premium to increase sport participation rates for all children and target certain groups where sport may have a positive impact on learning and attainment.


Our school's allocation for the academic year 2016/17 was £9,265 and was used to:

  • Continue the provision of sport enrichment days offering a variety of alternative sports.
  • Provided CPD for the Sports Teaching lead and ensure that skills and knowledge learned are embedded within our PE provision.
  • Provide equipment to increase the engagement af all pupils in regular physical activity.
  • Extended provision of after school clubs and continuation of inter-house lunchtime activities.
  • Provide supply cover for staff allowing them to take children to competitions and attend training.
  • Purchase equipment for wet lunchtimes, such as table tennis nets that can be linked on to classroom tables.

Provision of a broad range of sports has developed self confidence and teamwork across the school. Engaging all children in physical activity promotes health and wellbeing and improves behaviour.


Our school's allocation for the academic year 2015/16 was £9,265. We have used this grant to fund:

  • Specialist sports coaching including Girl’s Football, Multi Skills, Tchoukball and Hockey.
  • Sports coaching for lunchtime activities.
  • Purchase of additional sports equipment.
  • Participation in tournaments and competitions.
  • Teaching Assistant provision to support after school sports activities.
  • Sports Enrichment days for children in all year groups.
  • Staff CPD for indoor and outdoor athletics and gymnastics.

We have used professional sports coaches to deliver ‘Sports Enrichment Days’ to children in all year groups each term. They enable children to engage with a variety of new sports including Rocketball, Tchoukball, Dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee. Our staff also take part in these days in order to provide additional ideas to support positive lunchtime play and develop the teaching of sport. Our PE lessons are regularly monitored to ensure consistency in teaching across the school.

Our wide provision of extra curricular activities has been extended to provide sessions at lunchtime with our sport coach running inter house competitions in a variety of events.

Throughout the year, children are provided with many opportunities to represent the school in competitions across a range of sports including: Multi-Skills, Netball, Tag Rugby, Football, Cricket, Bellboating, Athletics, Swimming, Tennis and Rowing. Funding has been used for supply cover for staff to accompany children to and from events and to provide transport. Our PE subject leader has been released for CPD, new equipment has been purchased and resources have been created to promote the development of Gymnastics, Dodgeball and Athletics within school. She also has attended PE conferences to keep the school up to date with the latest assessment guidance, advice and new sports for primary lessons.


Our school's allocation for 2014/15 was £9,265. We have used this grant to:

  • Continue Teaching Assistant funding to support after school sports activities.
  • Provide specialist sports coaching for pupils during PE sessions, and after school sport activities including Girl’s Football, Athletics and Street Dance.
  • Purchase new athletics equipment.
  • Purchase new equipment for football and tag rugby.
  • Develop the bark running track around the school grounds.
  • Continue development of links with local schools and sports specialists and supply cover to enable PE coordinator to support pupils participating in competitions.
  • Purchase further playground equipment to encourage children to remain active during break and lunch times.

Our school continues to invest in Sport through dedicated coaching and new equipment and we see the benefits of both competitive and non-competitive sport. The Sports Grant is having a very positive effect on participation rates and we promote PE and sport as part of the balanced school curriculum. There has been a dramatic increase in sport participation in 2014/15 and almost half of our children have tried a new sport. We organised many extra-curricular activities during the year including Indoor Athletics, Ultimate Frisbee, Tchoukball, Street Dance and Tri Golf. Children in Year 5 and 6 took part in Bell Boating days which were followed by a Regatta involving several other schools.


Our school's allocation for 2013/14 was £9265 and has been spent on:

  • Full range of lesson planning and professional development materials including staff training in a variety of sports.
  • Teaching Assistant funding to support after school sports activities.
  • Specialist sports coaching for pupils during PE sessions, lunchtime and after school sport activities such as Girl’s Football, Tri-Golf, Athletics, Street Dance and Tennis.
  • Development of an outdoor fitness trail.
  • £1,200 of new indoor and outdoor athletics equipment.
  • Tri-Golf and Kwik Cricket equipment.
  • Development of links with local schools and sports specialists.
  • Provision of alternative sports and promotion of physical and mental wellbeing such as Bell Boating and the family orientated regatta.
  • Develop of annual sporting event to ensure that full participation of children, regardless of ability, was achieved as well as fair and respectful competition amongst school houses.
  • Provided opportunity for children to compete in South Warwickshire Athletics competition and the subsequent appointment of Miss Drissell as Chairperson of the South Warwickshire Athletics committee.
  • Purchase of a variety of playground equipment to encourage children to remain active during break and lunch times.

This additional funding is contributing to our on-going investment in the development of the physical and mental wellbeing of our pupils.


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