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Event - A Tudor Day at Sulgrave Manor

21 January 2014

Sulgrave Manor provided Key Stage 2 with an insight in the lives of the Tudor people.

Arriving early in the morning at this historic house, the children were greeted by the Tudor residents dressed in period costume and directed through the wooden gated entrance.

The children spent part of their adventure learning about the contrasting lives of rich and poor, entering in to the ancesteral home of American President George Washington. First hand experience of life was presented to the children as they were guided around the properties and their grounds learning all about the quirky cures, foul feasts and insufferable society of the Tudors.

Children also engaged with the history and succession of the Tudor monarchy through a humorous play in which the children adopted roles to retell this often confusing section of history. The children were learnt about the language of the Tudors and were given examples of how words such as 'thresh hold', 'cupboard' and 'boardroom' originated.

Sulgrave Manor was a superb experience for all the children and provided a fantastic starting point from which to start the Tudor topic.


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