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Event - Evacuation!

September 2011

All the children in Key Stage 2 experienced what it was like to be an evacuee for the day fleeing into the the countryside on a steam train.

The children had a go at packing their very own suitcase and learnt that they couldn't pack things like coca cola cans and mobile phones! They also looked around the royal carriage that King George VI used to visit people across the country during the Blitz and discovered it wasn't as posh as they thought it might be.

We were able to practise the air raid drill and even got into a Morrison shelter - which was tiny! At the end of the day we listened to the air raid siren and saw how the fires were put out, when the teachers had a go they squirted everyone!

On the way back home we sang songs like 'Run Rabbit' and waved to passers by. A good day was had by all!


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