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Event - Treasure at the End of the Rainbow: African Dance

18 March 2013

In recent weeks, Key Stage 2 children been taking part in cultural song and dance workshops from Davinda and Liz. This high energy approach to engaging with cultures has provided an amazing workout and experience for every child.

Routines, songs, rhythm and beats came together for an actioned packed hour every Tuesday morning and culminated in a performance to parents on Monday 18th March.

The dance told the story of a young child who dreamt of the treasures the rainbow would bring. Growing older and more curious our character sets out on a journey of discovery only to be tested for his kindess and recieving the golden key to unlock the hut at the end of the rainbow. There he found his family and fellow villagers, finding that the treasure he sought was already with him.

This allowed us to understand the importance of family and friends in other cultures but also to think about what really matters... love and companionship.


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