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Inclusion/SEND Provision

How We Meet Our Children’s Needs

It is vital to recognise that every child is an individual with particular needs and aspirations.

At Bidford-on-Avon Primary School, everyone is committed to early identification and delivering targeted learning for all. The first level of support is the class teacher. They will be aware of the needs of each child and be proactive to any issues, ensuring that they are taken into account when planning activities, preparing timetables and modifying success criteria.

This applies equally to provision for children who have been recognised as functioning significantly above their peers, in a specific subject, at a specific time. Bidford Primary School has been reaccredited by NACE receiving the Challenge Award for our work with children who exceed expectation.

Access Arrangements

A purpose built Primary School with a full accessibility plan. Adjustments are made to allow and promote access for all who attend our school. We are a single storey building, with a toilet and shower room adapted for disabled users. We have an external colour scheme to support children with visual impairment.

Teaching staff are well trained and respond to children’s needs by:

  • Providing support for children who need help with communication, language and literacy.
  • Planning to develop children’s understanding through the use of all their senses and a variety of experiences.
  • Planning for children’s full participation in learning, and in physical and practical activities.
  • Helping children to manage their behaviour and to take part in learning effectively and safely.
  • Helping individuals to manage their emotions, anxieties, particularly traumas or stresses and to take part in learning.

Occasionally, a child in school may have more defined additional needs including:

  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Social Emotional and Mental Health
  • Sensory and/or Physical

Support, advice and guidance are given by the Inclusion Manager and Assistant SENDCo. Where a child has a particular additional need we feel it essential to work closely with a child’s parents/carers.

Bidford School has established a Well–Being Team to support individual pupils finding themselves vulnerable. Nurture provision exists to enable socialability and modelling to enrich and develop disadvantaged pupils.

We offer a range of therapeutic and adaptive approaches to support pupil self esteem, behaviour issues and self worth including, Therapeutic Story Writing ,Solution focus work , and we have Team Teach trained staff.

Where necessary, we will provide a modified curriculum, targeted interventions and early identification of any barriers to learning. Provision may include the use or individual or group working partnerships, increased use of ICT resources, staff collaboration, differentiated planning, increased classroom support and environmental adaptations.

We engage specialist support from a number of external agencies, when required. These include:

  • Educational Psychologists (EP)
  • Speech and Language Therapists (SALT)
  • Integrated Disability Services (IDS)
  • Early Intervention Services (IES)
  • Family Information Services (FIS)
  • Child and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Counselling Services – Lifespace Trust, ‘Journeys’ (Mind), Relate, Hospice services
  • Social Care Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • CAF

These services support our monitoring and evaluation processes and enable us to secure additional expertise to further progress and enhance our provision.

Children with more pronounced needs have support in line with the Statement of Additional Learning Needs or their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Support in Transition

As a school we liaise carefully with a pupil’s previous setting, this enables us to ensure that there is continuity of provision and enhanced support where necessary.

Staff work tirelessly to reduce the stress of moving to Secondary provision, liaising very strongly and regularly with Secondary providers. Excellent relationships and a mutual ethos enables pupils to maintain confidence in the continuity of approach. Planned meetings with primary and secondary providers take place to enable parents and pupils with SEND to communicate with clarity.

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